Since 1999 Riga Chair Factory produces high quality ergonomic office chairs. We believe most important is that chair user feels good and comfortable while sitting. Replenishing chair models, factory’s specialists choose only highest quality mechanisms and durable materials. Chairs produced by RCF are reliable with contemporary, but modest aesthetic witch excellently fits in every work environment. Advantage of RCF as a local manufacturer is full after sale service which provides perfect lifetime quality of the chair.

RCF chairs and ergonomics

Most important feature that characterizes us- we perfectly understand, how important ergonomic chair is. That is why we make comfortable, practice and long- term usable work chairs.

Now it is known for sure, that deskbound office work is one of the most reasons which cause back pain and many related problems of health for modern people.

Furthermore, we are sitting not just eight hours while working in the office, but drive to and from work while sitting in the car, having a meal in sitting position and at the evening we sit in the couch and watch TV.
It is very credible, that at the moment, while reading this home page, you are in the sitting position.

If it is impossible to avoid from continued sitting, we recommend using comfortable and ergonomic chair, because qualitative and ergonomic work chair is not just caprice, but another way to take care about your health and feeling of comfort.

Precondition of standard office work chair- it must be adjustable. There should be options to adjust:

  • Height of the chair;
  • Backrests height and angle;
  • Seat depth;
  • Height of armrests and distance between them;
  • Chair should be stable and easy to swivel.

And, what else is important- backrest and seat must be covered with durable material.

We believe that you will find most suitable chair for your everyday needs!